In case you are an established vehicle dealer in Norway, Finland, Sweden or Denmark looking to increase your sales – you have come to the right place

In case you are a dealer or general Agent located in continental Europe looking to distribute motorhomes and caravans in the Nordics – we are your partner.

Camper Pro has established a successful distribution network and can help you grow by increasing the number of vehicles for you to sell. 
We work with a win-win mindset where all parties shall be successful in any deal.

Historically, we have brought Svea Husbilar from zero (0) to approx. 300.000.000 SEK of annual turnover in only four years. This has been possible through a entrepreneurial mindset, constant problem solving, a self-created CRM / business-system and a strong will to succeed. Now we are taking the next step with the creation of CamperPro. 

Join our success and apply to be a business partner:

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